“What shall we eat today?” or “What will we have for dinner?” has long been a difficult question for women. To help you solve this ‘classical’ puzzle, Ggroup is going to suggest a delicious and nutritious menu for the whole week.


  • Breakfast: steamed rice rolls, soya milk
  • Brunch: flan
  • Lunch: stuffed bitter melon soup with China silver fish, stir fried cabbage, pan seared ribs, banana
  • Afternoon: boiled peanuts
  • Dinner: spinach soup with pork, boiled okra, stewed ginger chicken, guava.

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Source: Higlum.com


  • Breakfast: instant pork noodles, dragon fruit
  • Brunch: fresh milk
  • Lunch: bottle gourd soup with minced pork, stewed fish cakes with pineapple, stir fried pork blood with chives and bean sprouts, rambutan
  • Afternoon: black bean sweet soup
  • Dinner: dried shrimp yam soup, stir fried pork with shrimp paste, vegetables, cucumber, apple

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  • Breakfast: bread and sunny-side up fried egg, fresh milk
  • Brunch: tofu pudding
  • Lunch: field crab soup with jute vegetable and bitter melon, stir fried string beans, stewed bacon with shrimp, papaya
  • Afternoon: steamed cassava with coconut water
  • Dinner: tofu soup with chives, boiled water spinach, fried fish dipped in fish sauce, tamarin.

Source: Cookpad.com

Source: Eva.vn


  • Breakfast: beef noodles, banana
  • Brunch: yogurt
  • Lunch: China silver fish soup with pineapple, stewed pork and egg, boiled sweet potato buds, watermelon
  • Afternoon: avocado smoothie
  • Dinner: leaf mustard greens and dried shrimps soup, fried fish with lemon grass and salt, stir fried bitter melon, sapodilla

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  • Breakfast: savory sticky rice, orange juice
  • Brunch: soya milk
  • Lunch: spinach soup with minced pork, fish sauce chicken, stir fried shrimp with kohlrabi, logan
  • Afternoon: melon mixed with sugar and grinded ice
  • Dinner: winter melon soup with shrimp, stewed tofu pork, boiled bok choy, jackfruit

Source: Vietnamnet.vn

Source: Giadinh.tv


  • Breakfast: crab vermicelli soup, sponge cake
  • Brunch: fresh milk
  • Lunch: chayote soup with pork, stir fried string beans, stuffed squid in tomato sauce, plums
  • Afternoon: steamed corn
  • Dinner: tomato soup with egg and tofu, fried rice, melon.

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  • Breakfast: beef macaroni, fruit yogurt
  • Brunch: fresh milk
  • Lunch: stewed beef with bread, banana sweet soup
  • Afternoon: glutinous rice cake
  • Dinner: amaranth soup with pork and loofah gourd, stewed basa fish, boiled gourd, mango.

Source: Monngonmoingay.tv

Source: Ngoisao.net

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